Comic Book Superheroes

7 01 2010

Comic books have had a long and prosperous history since their origins back in the 1930’s, when companies like Marvel and DC Comics started producing gripping stories in comic book format about superheroes and super-villains battling it out for supremacy. Many of these superheroes are still as popular today as they were when they first appeared, thanks to Hollywood franchises and all of the PR and hype that goes with modern day life.

The comic book industry was also very popular on Lewis, and several publishing companies (including Marvig Comics) started their own franchised superheroes, all, needless to say, with a Lewis slant. The most successful Lewis superheroes are listed below.


‘Peter Parkend’ is a young photographer working on the Stornoway Gazette. One day, he is sent to Ness by his editor to take pictures of  the arrival of the years gugas from Sulasgeir. Peter gets bitten by a radio-active guga, as he dodges the crazed frenzy of Neisochs descending on Port of Ness. The bite soon heals, but over the next few days Peter realises he has mysteriously gained strange powers. Peter’s ‘superpowers’ mean he can create noxious smells at will; he can fly (albeit slow and ponderously and preferably over water); and he’s got webbed feet. Peter fancies a blone working in the Gazette office called Maggie Jean and she features heavily in the comics, needing constant rescue from baddies.

(Fish) Supperman

By day, mild mannered  Pairc Kent works as a reporter on the Stornoway Gazette. Unknown to his colleagues, Pairc is really from another island and was orphaned to Lewis when his parents were evicted to Glasgow for not paying their Poll Tax. Pairc is blessed with special powers that make him virtually indestructible. All he has to do is eat a fish supper and there’s no stopping him.  If ever he see’s anyone in trouble he rushes into the nearest chip shop, stands in the queue and places his order. His distinctive superhero outfit consists of one of those overalls the lady’s in the Church Street chipper used to wear, with a big F on the chest. His only weakness is chips not cooked in lard (or as its known, chiptonite). Pairc’s romance with Leodhas Lane led to the (Fish) Supperman comics been banned by the FP’s.

Is it a curry? No! Is it a burger? No! It’s (Fish) Supperman!!


Bruce Swainbost is a rich businessman by day (he owns a village post office), but by night he fights crime in CothromCity as Peatman, by making sure people don’t get their peats stolen from the moor before they get a chance to take them home. He drive a black Peatmobile (a 1957 Massy Ferguson tractor). Peatman is supported by his able sidekick ‘Roppoch’.  One of his many super-villian foes is ‘The Riddler’, who uses a riddle (one of those round meshy things for sorting the curans out) to steal the best quality smuir from peatstacks. Another foe is ‘The Poker’ who sneaks in to peoples houses at night and pokes the fire too much so that the peats burn too quickly. BBC Alba have made several films about Peatman including ‘The Pairc Night’.



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6 03 2010

Oyzbre Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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