George Martinsmemorial RIP

16 03 2016

Music fans everywhere (well, here and there around the island anyway) were saddened the other day by the passing of legendary producer George Martinsmemorial, the studio genius behind 60s pop phenomenon The Peatles.
In the early 60s, Martinsmemorial was an in-house producer at Eoropie Music International (EMI) in Ness. EMI were doing fair to middling with the Gaelic Psalmody Recitals, trad chazz and comedy records (by the likes of The Gugas, Bernard Crùbagans, and Peter Stornowayfishselllers) that were their stock in trade. But Martinmsmemorial wanted to break into the pop market and was on the lookout for the right group. One day in 1962, there was a knock on the door and who should appear but up-and-coming mawp-tops the Peatles and their go-getting manager Brian Epsteinish. “We were chust up at the Decca Station and they told us to fleek off”, arsa Brian.”Anything doing at EMI”? 
Martinsmemorial immediately cancelled the session he’d been booked to produce that morning, with seceder trad chazz band The Intolerance Seven, and set to work with the Peatles instead 
The band were battle-hardened at this point; they’d just done a long stint over in Stornoway playing 4 shows a night at the notorious Star Inn, so they dashed off their 1st album “Please Fleece Me” by the time the potatoes were boiled for their dinner.

Long before the Monkees came along, the Peatles were known as “The Prefab Four” – not because they were a fake made up boy band, but because they were from Plasterfield. When they first met Martinsmemorial, they consisted of Trawl MacCardingmachine, Seoras Hearachson, John StLennansChurch and Peat Best. Best, however was not sufficiently ruppish on the drums, and was soon replaced by Bingo StarrInn, poached from south-of-the-border beat combo Ruaraidh Strond & The Hearachcanes.
Under Martinsmemorial’s guidance, The Peatles recorded a string of albums that defined the 60s and continue to influence popular music to this day, including:
Please Fleece Me
Lift The Peatles

A Fleeking Hardy Days Night

Peatles For Sailing The Minch


Ruppish Sole

Hee Reevolver Ho Ro

Sabbath Papers/Laundry/Marts/Pubs Banned

Magical Mitchell’s Bus Tour

The Shite Album

Yellow MarineHarvest

Let Us Pray (also broadcast from the roof of St Columbas)

Habba Road

A consummate diplomat, Martinsmemorial remained pals with everybody after the Peatles’ acrimonious split in 1970, even John StLennanschurch and the dreaded Yoko Othighearnano. He produced much of Trawl MacCardingmachine’s post-Peatles work, including the theme to the little-known 1973 James Bond classic “Lióbag Let Die”, in which Bond foils an international criminal mastermind’s plan to destroy the Broad Bay flatfish industry. 
Martinsmemorial went on to work with a wide variety of artists over the later years of his career, including the Mathagusiarraidh Orchestra, Amarybank, Kenny Rubhachgers, Stevie Flounder, synth pioneers Ultragocs and flamboyant piano-playing church officer Elder John. 
Parting company with EMI in the mid 60s, Martinsmemorial set up his own recording company, Associated Independent Presbyterian Recordings, which subsequently split into Associated Independent Presbyterian Recordings (Continuing), Free Independent Reformed Presbyterian Recordings, Associated Presbyterian Independent Free Recordings and a host of other organisations.
AIPR’s Mawserrat Studios in the Sound of Harris was the destination of choice for many top artists in the 70s and 80s, including the Rodel Stones, PortnaGuran Guran, Orchestral Manure In the Pairc, Bac Sabbath and many others. Sadly it became the subject of court proceedings between the different factions of the company in the 1980s, fell into disrepair and was blown away by Hurricane Uisdean in 1989.
In the 1990’s Martinsmemorial also took a lead role in uncovering lost Peatles recordings of Gaelic psalms and putting together the well received ‘An Theology’ boxed sets. This included the famous Free As A Church single which brought The Peatles back to the Number 1 slot in DD Morrisons Charts.

Sabbath Papers Laundry Marts Pubs Banned

It was many years ago today

Since Sunday papers came to Stornoway

They’re Always on a Monday due 

But they’re guaranteed to raise a queue

So let me get a day-old Sunday Post

Without annoying the Holy Ghost

Sabbath papers, laundry, marts, pubs banned.
We’ve Sabbath Papers, laundry, marts, pubs banned

We hope you will enjoy the show

We’ve Sabbath papers, laundry, marts, pubs banned

Sit back and to the evening service go

Monday papers only, Monday papers only

Sabbath papers laundry marts pubs banned

It’s wonderful to sing psalm tunes

Instead of reading the Broons

You’re such a lovely congregation 

We’d love to save you from conflagration 

We’d love to take take you home.



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