Where the Pyramid Meets The Ui -Roagy Erisort RIP

8 06 2019

Across the world (and on some other planets as well) fans of 60s Texan psychedelic rock are mourning the recent demise of Roger Kynard “Roky” Erickson, deranged former frontman of the 13th Floor Elevators.

But spare a thought for his less successful Leodhasach cousin, Roagy Erisort, who passed away the same day.

Roagy Ceann-a-Loch Erisort was born in the rootin’ tootin’ Wild West city of Ballalas, Texas Lochs in 1947, and demonstrated an interest in music from an early age by not taking up the melodeon.

Inspired by his Texan cousin’s early success with The Spades, Roagy formed The  Tairsgeirs, and scored a hit in the Laxay/Balallan/Airidhbhruach metropolitan area with “We Sell Soval” in early 1965.

The mid-60s was a time of experimentation with mind-altering substances, and in the desert  around Ballalas there grew a wide variety of plants which the indigenous shamen had been using to get off their faces for centuries. Roagy and his freaky musician pals made liberal use of these, and an increasing intake of hallucinogenic peat-yote and bog cotton  cigarettes soon began to affect their music and lyrics.

Inevitably, after ingesting a particularly large quantity of Liobag ‘son Diathad (LSD) one day, and washing it down with the sheep tranquilliser  mehhhscaline, Roagy decided he’d seen the light, and got a dose of the cuiream.

It was in this state in late 1965 that Roagy met trainee minister, mystic, conspiracy theorist and electric pigidh player Tormod “Masonic” Hall, and formed the 13th Floor Moderators. Signing up with Niseach biscuit magnate Lelan Roigean’s record label InterNessional Amadans, the band released their seminal album “The Psychedelic Psalms of the 13th Floor Moderators” in 1966. The album featured the band’s one and only hit single “Ewe’re Gonna Miss Mehhhh”, which has been covered by generations of ruppish garage bands ever since.    

The Moderators’ management reckoned they should take their trippy sounds West, to the bohemian village of San Fankcisco (which used to be next to Fivepenny Borve but fell into the Atlantic in an earthquake in 1969, and that’s why you’ve neffer heard of it, oh yus). Out in San Fankcisco the Flounder Power movement was taking off and the hippies were in need of groovy sounds. Soon the Moderators found themselves playing cavernous psychedelic dancehalls like the Fillmoor Westside and the Adabroc Ballroom, sharing bills with the likes of the Graipfull Dead, Moby Graip and Jefferson Airidhantuim (fronted by Graip Slick).

In 1967 the Moderators released their second album “Eaststreet Everywhere”, featuring “Sheep Inside This House” and a cover of Bob Dell-an’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Brue”

In 1968, in an effort to avoid jail after being busted for possession of marag-juana, Erisort pleaded insanity. 1968 was also the peak of the brutal jungle conflict between North Lochs and South Lochs over sheep grazing rights out the back of Airidhbhruach (the Viet-Ram war) and Roagy reckoned an insanity plea would reduce his chances of being drafted to the front. While succeeding in its immediate objectives, Erisort’s cunning plan also got him sent to Craig Dunain for 3 years.

While Roagy was a guest of the famous Inversneckie sanatorium, the rest of the Moderators cobbled together their third album “Bull of the Woodlandcentre” (1969) and then decided it was ruppish and split up.

Erisort’s work since the days of the Moderators was characterised by long periods of silence (usually when he was in Craig Dunain again) punctuated with occasional flashes of brilliance. Working under a variety of names and guises (such as Roagy Erisort & The Alines) and with modern collaborators such as Maw-gwai, he turned out occasional classics such as “Two Hearach Dogs”, “Star Inn Eyes” and “I Waulked With A Zombie”.

While Roagy may not have enjoyed mainstream success, there is no doubt that his influence on modren music was profound – as can be seen from the flock of respected artists who appeared on the 1990 Erisort tribute album  “Where The Pyramid Meets The Ui”. These included ZZ Tobson, R.A.M., Julian Fishermensco-op and The Jesus and Mayburygarden Chain.




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