Frozen Gannet

18 12 2011

There’s much in the media just now about Frozen Planet and how yon David Attenburgh cove and the BBC  filmed some Polar Bears in a zoo instead of the Arctic.

By chance a similar storm has engulfed BBC Alba, as it has come to light that their 6 part natural world series ‘Frozen Gannet’, was not actually filmed on Sulasgeir as was widely believed. This series from the BBC Alba Natural History Unit was supposed to be about a year in the life of the gannets living on the rocky outcrop of Sulasgeir. The show was narrated by well known Neisoch naturalist Sir David Adabrock and was first aired on BBC Alba in November this year to rave reviews.

However, viewers began to get suspicious when some of the anticipated breathtaking shots of the far-flung island appeared to be less epic than expected.

Viewers started to become suspicious when the ‘steep cliffs’ of ‘Sulasgeir’ appeared to be climbed very easily by the 85-year old Adabrock (in his Mobility Scooter) and seemed to feature no nesting seabirds whatsoever apart from two hoodie crows sitting on an old fishbox. When the camera panned around ‘the north Atlantic’, viewers caught glimpses of what appeared to be the Cal Mac ferry Muirneag in the background and in one shot the local Brownies could be seen having a sausage sizzle on a stoney beach.

BBC Alba has finally admitted that all of the shots of ‘Sulasgeir’ were in actual fact footage of Sober Island in Stornoway Harbour. A spokesperson for BBC Alba said ‘Well heck, Frozen Gannet was on after the rerun of  Machair at 11.30pm, so we didn’t think anyone would be watching’.

Sir David is also well known for his fishing documentary ‘Lythe On Earth’.