The Street Names of Stornoway (Part 3 of many)

10 04 2009

Perceval Road

This street was named by the town fathers in honour of Sir Perceval, one of King Arthur’s ‘Grail Knights’, who originated from Stornoway in Medieval times. Before setting off to search for the Holy Grail and a life of knightly chivalry, Perceval used to help old ladies across the cart-tracks of the town. Sir Perceval was also widely known for his terrible taste in fashion and general ‘unhip-ness’ and it is believed that this is where the name of Perceval Square came from.

Sir Perceval spent most of his time searching for the Holy Grail in various parts of Lewis, as he was convinced that the Free Presbyterians had stashed it away ‘somewhere safe’. After many years of fruitless search, Sir Perceval returned to Camelot, minus the Grail, but claiming to have found the Holy Talisker (or ‘tairsgeir’ in Medieval French), a little known relic said to have been used by St Murdo the Peatcutter, (who was unfortunately removed from the Book of Revelations due to a proof reading error).

Another school of thought also suggests that Camelot, the legendary castle of King Arthur, was actually located at the top of Gallows Hill. But that’s for another day.